St. Croix County Republican Party


I’d like to ask for your support of the most basic and essential Republican organization—your St. Croix County Republican Party.

We are truly where it all starts—the grassroots. As the political party interested in limited government, wise use of tax dollars and effective local leadership, we are the foundation for turning those principles into policy.

We offer the opportunity of involvement in the political process from caucuses to parades to conventions to candidate rallies. We share conservative principles and support candidates that share those values. We write letters to the editor on issues of the day and knock on doors to get out the Republican vote. We organize the dinners and the fundraisers. We get the signs out and make sure they stay put. We are there year in and year out.

Our work takes two things: people and money. We could use your help on both counts.

We would like to add your name to our list of members. Whether you can afford the basic membership for $30 or the Reagan membership for $500, we will be very grateful for your act in support of our efforts in St. Croix County.

Every penny you provide will be used to support our state and local candidates. A strong local Republican party is the best insurance policy against the forces aligning to put Wisconsin back in the hands of the Democrats.

The first step is simple. Join your St. Croix County Republican Party. Today.

Scott J. Nordstrand